Champion Powered Plan

taught by Anita Nall Richesson

Course description

The Champion Powered Plan

  • Are you on your "A Game" with your health?

  • Are you seeking sustained success in whatever it is you do?

  • Are you a High Performer looking for an edge over the competition?

  • Not sure what to eat or which foods are optimal for you?

  • Overwhelmed by conflicting nutrition information?

If you're ready to decrease unwanted health symptoms that take away from your performance, my foundational program is now available to YOU!

This is THE program I've used to teach elite athletes and high performing corporate executives is now available online.

In the Champion Powered Plan, you'll learn by Power Plate Formula™ for mealtime success, and you'll get...

  • 1.5 hour Champion Powered Training session

  • A 2-day food log assessment

  • Learn my Power Plate Formula™, a fail proof formula for mealtime success; developed after more than a decade of working with professional athletes and corporate high-performers (this is a pre-recorded training sesson you will complete before our consultation)

  • You'll be empowered by your food choices because you'll feel confident in knowing what and when to eat

  • The Champion Powered Plan Workbook

  • BONUS material which includes Recovery Strategies for High Performers and Dining out Guidelines to Success

In addition to the Champion Powered Program, you'll get a 1-Hour one-on-one consultation with me where we can customize the CP Plan to your individual needs!

Anita Nall Richesson
Anita Nall Richesson
Nutritionist, Wellness Expert, Olympian

Hello! I'm Anita.  After winning gold, silver, and bronze in the 1992 Olympics I struggled with my health. In fact, my health problems took me out of the sport I loved AND... it was the greatest gift!  The healthy lifestyle transition I had to make on my own is the gift I now give to others.  It is my passion and purpose to help others discover their greatest asset, their health! 

My programs aim to have people feeling their best at any age and awaken your champion in health and life!

Here's a little bit more about me:

  • Holistic Nutritionist to Olympians, UFC Fighters, NFL Players & every day, hard-working, busy people like you.
  • Barcelona Olympic Gold, Silver, & Bronze Medal Swimmer
  • 3x World record holder
  • 5x American Record Holder
  • International Swimming Hall of Fame Elite Member
  • Maryland Swimming Hall of Fame Member
  • Certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Life Coach & Essential Oil Coach
  • Accomplished motivational speaker