Quick Nutrition Guide

for parents of athletes ages 8-12 | taught by Anita Nall Richesson, OLY & Rebecca Brundidge, RD

Course description

The Fuel, Compete, Repeat™ Quick Nutrition Guide is specifically designed for parents of athletes ages 8-12.  

It is an easy-to-use, downloadable PDF that teaches all the basics of a balanced foundational food plan for young, growing athletes.

Anita Nall Richesson, OLY & Rebecca Brundidge, RD
Anita Nall Richesson, OLY & Rebecca Brundidge, RD
Providing a complete nutrition plan for sustained optimal success

Hello! I'm Anita.  After winning gold, silver, and bronze in the 1992 Olympics I struggled with my health. In fact, my health problems took me out of the sport I loved AND... it was the greatest gift! The healthy lifestyle transition I had to make on my own is the gift I now give to others.  It is my passion and purpose to help young athletes learn about the powerful role food plays in their performance.

And I'm Rebecca, bringing you the most up to date sports nutrition for sustained success. I've seen the advantages of proper fueling on performance and long term gains. I'm passionate about helping young athletes learn nutrition strategies for life.

We are out to change the way young athletes care for themselves while helping them sustain their athletic successes over time.

Course Curriculum

Quick Nutrition Guide for Parents of Youth Athletes
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